Company history.
How did we begin?

  • On April 16, 1996, the historical activity of the company began, when the billiard branch of LTD "FURORS" was established, the aim of which was to sell billiard tables and inverters.
  • In March 2002, the company LTD "FURORS" decided to open its first game store in Riga called "SPĒĻU TIRGOTAVA KLONDAIKA".

  • In 2007, the company SIA "FURORS" came to the conclusion of establishing a separate company LTD "FURORS BF" with the improvement and development, when the board game store "Games 4 You" was established.
  • On December 1, 2020, the games store Games 4 You changed its direction as an online store by developing the Games 4 You online store as it developed and met customer needs for more convenient customer service.

Who are we?

Games 4 You game store is one of the most popular and largest online game stores in Latvia.

Games 4 You games online store offers dart targets, chess sets, garden games, electric car for children, constructors for children, yoyo, famous brand rubics, mind laces, game tables, magic trick sets, the world’s best playing cards. taro cards, kids developmental games and lots of exciting board games.

Why our customers choose Games 4 You?

  • Our company provides new ways of spending free time for children, young people, adults and seniors.
  • In our beautiful game packages you will find games that can be played both by one and with family and friends.
  • Games 4 You provide a wide, original and unique assortment for which a professional team provides advice and after the consultation recommends the most suitable game for each client, so that each of our clients’ wishes is fulfilled.
  • Gaming industry news and its topicality is important for the Games 4 You team, because each employee gets to know and follow the news, so that the latest and most interesting assortment of the gaming industry is available to our customers.

Games 4 You achievements

  • Games 4 You game store as time evolved and our customers desire to place orders in the online store on December 1, 2020, Games 4 You changed its direction to Games 4 You online game store. In honor of our customers On May 26, 2021, Games 4 You online game store had the honor to be among the finalists of E-commerce Star 2021 for successful achievements in operating as a game online store.
  • Games 4 You online store is the official distributor of GAN CUBE and MONSTER GO rubies in the Baltics.
  • INSIDE CUBE, official distributors of BAKOBA constructors in Latvia.

Games 4 You Cooperation partners

  • One of the longest-term cooperation partners of Games 4 You games online store is the Latvian Chess Federation and the Latvian Dabrete Federation, where our cooperation has been established by providing support in various events created by the Latvian Chess Federation and the Latvian Checkers Federation.
  • We have established significant co-operation with various important Latvian state institutions, the National Guard of the Republic of Latvia, the Latvian Language Agency, Riga City Municipality institutions, the Riga Social Service, various educational institutions, universities and pre-school educational institutions, as well as important sports federations in Latvia.
  • Games 4 You games online store is chosen by customers not only from Latvia or the Baltics, but also from various European countries.



My collaboration with Games 4 You online store came when I wanted to give my husband a present. Some time ago, I had already decided that I would like to give a poker set, and I just stumbled upon a Games 4 You social network ad and saw that there were discounts on poker sets and accessories. Communication with Games 4 You staff was very successful and all staff were very responsive. I ordered the order the night before and received it the next day, the feeling was that one of the employees would have personally placed the package in the Omniva parcel terminal. I am very happy with the order received. Good luck in your future work!



I am a long-term customer of the Games 4 You game online store, I established my cooperation with this game store because I am a playing card collector and Games 4 You game store is the only one in Latvia that has such a large playing card collection and I can top up my card collection every time I place an order. with a new deck of playing cards. When ordering, the communication with the employees has been successful and all the ordered goods are in perfect condition, there have been no delays with deadlines or deliveries, I receive my order very quickly and successfully. The staff is very welcoming and listens to the wishes of the customers and is able to organize the individual order of each customer. Have a nice day!



I learned about the great Games 4 You online store from my colleague, who recommended this store to me so that I could find the most suitable taro cards for me. When ordering online, everything is very transparent and ordering is very fast and successful, and when communicating with Games 4 You employees, everyone is very responsive and accommodating, so that I, as a customer, receive my order as soon as possible. I received the order very quickly, did not have to wait long. I was very happy to receive my order because it matched everything.

Our Team


Sales manager

 Retail of goods, consultations, online store orders.

(+371) 26662018




Order administration, order issuance



Wholesale manager

Wholesale of goods. Sale of billiard tables and equipment.

(+371) 27852000



Managing director

Marketing, advertising, cooperation offers.

(+371) 29893725



Legal address and requisites

LTD "Furors BF"
VAT: LV40003963858
Acc.Nr: LV05HABA0551018498991
A/S Swedbank, HABALV22